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4 Simple Ways To Keep Your PC Healthy

overheating pcWhile some of us use our computers for many hours each day, we often don’t spend very much time taking care of it like we should. Many business workers sit in front of their computers from the moment they wake up till the sun goes down. We use it for everything from business to gaming to blogging each and everyday but never consider doing the small things each day that can prevent larger problems down the line.

By seeing your computer as a more valuable asset that needs your time and care, you can benefit from using it at its most powerful more often. While technology is always growing at incredible rates, it doesn’t mean that you need to see your PC as a short term investment.

These ultra simple tips can help you maintain a well oiled machine that delivers great performance for longer.

Keep Your Computers Temperature Perfect

Each and every PC should come with its own built in fan that regulates the temperature so that it doesn’t overheat. Your motherboard will become hotter the longer you use your PC and so without this fan you run the risk of it overheating and forcing itself to shut down. Make sure you keep your fan as clean as possible and prevent any objects from covering it. Remember that overheating  PC can do permanent damage to the hardware in the long run.

Keep Your PC Updated

Be sure to keep up with Windows updates as well as updates for the varies programs you have installed on your PC. By streamlining these programs you can ensure that they are running at the optimal level, as updates often mean improvements and fixes. If you fail to keep updated you run the risk of slowing your computer down as well as running the risk of viruses. Any Bristol computer repair company would tell you that this is a basic step for a safer PC.

Keep Your PC Spotless

Just like most people like driving in clean, spotless cars, you should want to own a perfectly clean PC. Once dirt and dust start building up on your computer, it will start to heat up and can be a dangerous hazard if left too long. There has even been cases where peoples computers have caused fires from the build up of dust. Each month, open up your computer box and give it a good clean,  be very careful of ESD, electronic static discharge, if in doubt give pc dial a fix a call , we can prolong your computers life as well as allowing it to run at it’s optimal level.

Don’t Eat Or Drink At Your Computer

While you may think that you are a neat eater, even the neatest should not eat or drink in front of their computers. There have been many cases were an individual will spill their drink or lunch over the keyboard and destroy it. Remember that your keyboard is very sensitive and if liquid gets into its electrics it can cause a shock or even affect your work. This is especially true for laptop users, a spill on a laptop can mean serious damage to the entire system and even loss of the laptop.

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