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5 Steps For A Safer PC

bristol computer repairA rise of 5000% in the last 5 years of malware has cause many issues for PC users and their security. This statistic shows how hacking has grown in the past few years and how lucrative a business it can be. With the nature of doing business today, you cannot function without a working internet connection. More and more people are flocking online to benefit from its benefits. This has encouraged programmers to develop more sophisticated and undetectable malware that can harm your computer. Unfortunately for most new online users, lack of knowledge can be their downfall. Remember that hiring a Bristol computer repair company to secure your pc and fix and issues is well worth it.

We have created these 5 steps to help you better understand and prevent problems in the future.

Keep Your System Up-To-Date

Even though it can be the most irritating thing to get constant update notifications, remember that they are there for a reason. You must keep in mind that malware programmers spend each and everyday creating new software that finds weaknesses in old systems. It is in your best interest to make sure that you are fully updated, so you can stay ahead of these troublesome programs.

Use Secure Passwords

You may have a well updated and secure PC but that will mean nothing if the wrong person gets hold of your passwords. Make sure that you chose very secure passwords to protect your accounts. A secure password should be at least 8 characters in length, it should contain numbers, uppercase letters and symbols. Also try to make different passwords for each account, that way you wont be in danger of losing all your secrets and data.

Use A Router

Each internet package out there today should come with a router when purchased. A router allows more than one connect to simultaneously make use of the same Internet connection. This is a massive advantage from a security point of view, your personal PC is not directly connected to the open internet, which makes it far more difficult for a hacker to attack it.

Avoid File Sharing Sites

Besides that fact that these sites allow you to download illegal copies of files without the proper licenses, they are a favorite for malware developers to get into your system. When you download the file you have chosen you are often unaware that you are downloading these damaging programs along with it.  Stick to downloading from the manufacturer instead.

Use Wifi with Caution

Public WiFi has become increasingly popular in the world today.  There are plenty of public WiFi Hotspots that are available at no charge that give you permission to check your e-mails and surf the Internet when you are using your laptop or smartphone away from home. These connects are often not secure, meaning anyone can see what you are doing while you are using the internet. When using public WiFi hotspots, never ever send private information like passwords or log in details or you run the risk of being caught out.

If you are unsure about your PC security, why not see a professional Bristol computer repair company to bolster your computers security system and have peace of mind next time you surf the web.

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