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Your computer contains plenty of separate parts that all need electricity to run properly. This means that these parts begin heating up and continue to do so as your computer keeps running. Some of the more important parts, such as the CPU and graphics card get so hot that you can literally cook on them. Bristol computer support companies often get customers that come to them with systems that have overheated.

Computers that are configured correctly have multiple fans that are able to expel this heat away in order to keep your system as cool as possible. If you have too few fans or the fans aren’t able to expel the heat effectively enough, your system can get too hot. This can seriously damage your hardware and can even cause permanent failure.

As you can see, keeping your computer cool is one of the most important things you need to do. That is why we have given you some effective ways to keep your computer as cool as possible.

Let It Breath Properly

The easiest way to keep your computer cool is to ensure that all your fans and air vents are completely open and that there is nothing obstructing its flow. Make sure that there is enough space between your computer fans and any obstructions such as a wall or desk. Make sure that it hasn’t collected any dust or fluff, things that can seriously hamper air flow. Make sure that you never have your computer in a completely confined place, there must always be an opening for it to collect cooling air.

Always Run Your Computer With A Closed Case

What some people believe is to have your computer case open, making it cooler than a closed case. If it was open, it would allow more cooling air through to the components that need it most right?

Unfortunately this isn’t true, when you have a case that is opened, it allows more dirt to enter the case and cover the components. Your fans will begin clogging up and less cooling air will enter your system.

Upgrade Your CPU Fan

Your CPU fan is one of the most sensitive and pricey parts for your computer case. It is also the most vital part, without a fan your computer will overheat for sure. There is a good chance that your current fan is a basic model that cools your computer at a minimum rate. You should consider upgrading your fan to one that will do the job properly. When shopping around, make sure that the fan is compatible with your computer and that it is powerful enough.

Stop Overclocking

A common error that Bristol computer support companies come across in terms of computer overheating is that many users overclock their systems. This means pushing your computers capabilities to the limit for hours each day. There is only so much your system can take at this level before issues start. Try configuring your computer to factory default settings.

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