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Looking for a computer upgrade in Bristol and surrounding areas?

Our computer upgrades are the more cost efficient alternative against a new computer. If your pc or laptop is only a few years old but seems to be struggling a bit with all the new ‘starving’ programs, a quick upgrade could be just a solution!

PC hardware and laptop hardware upgrades includes:

  • More memory upgrade – To get things moving a bit faster
  • Bigger hard drive upgrade – For more storage space
  • Graphics card upgrade – For the latest games etc.
  • DVD Writer upgrade – For back up, movies & music etc.

Not all systems would greatly benefit from hardware upgrades, especially if they are becoming out of date. Older components get more expensive as demand reduces.

Our computer upgrades have become so frequent that customers with six to 12 month installations have been asking for guarantees that the hardware they install at the end of the process will still be compatible with the boxes they set up at the start. Changes in BIOS and software driver updates all make it harder and more expensive to effectively manage the environment. Upgrading a PC is much easier than upgrading a laptop from the standpoint of getting the case open. The parts are much cheaper, easier to install and extremely compatible, unlike notebook parts which are usually brand and model specific.