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Everyone knows the feeling: You are busy with important documents or just having fun on your computer (be it games, music, videos, movies, surfing the internet) when suddenly something goes wrong and your computer is no longer able to operate how you need it too.
Computers have a tendency due to their complex nature (many different parts, often small all interconnected and relying on each other to make the system work) of breaking. Whether the problem is hardware or software related, Bristol home repair offers an easy and quick solution to your computer problems.
These devices can also break due to accidents; spilling of a drink or a strong knock to the computer are most common occurrences, especially in a residential environment.
Our specialised technicians will come to your house, cutting out travel time/expenses that you don’t need, especially if you are a person who’s time is valuable, sometimes you just don’t have the time in the day to travel and drop off your computer for repairs, let alone the time to travel back to work as well as later having to fetch the computer once it is repaired.
Our technicians are polite, know what they are doing and will usually be able to fix the problem within the day of their arrival at your place of residence/business.

Below are just some of the repair problems we can fix for you:

Software problems:

  • Cookies, spyware and malware removal
  • Troubleshooting with maintenance and software upgrades.
  • Driver upgrades
  • Operating System (OS) repairs/upgrades
  • Installation and configuring of firewalls
  • Registry back up and repair. Included can be registry clean/debug and of course virus removals.
  • Removal of temporary files no longer needed.
  • Many other problems, just talk to our consultants about your problem, it is very unlikely we won’t be able to help.
  • Data recovery

Hardware problems

  • Screen repair
  • Keyboard replacements
  • Repair of faulty power jacks
  • Battery replacements and installation in the case of laptops
  • Replacement or the repair of CD/DVD Drives.
  • Many other problems, just talk to a consultant.

Bristol home repairs can fix your problem, whether it is on an Apple, and Lenovo, HP, IBM, Dell, Compaq or Toshiba product amongst many others.
All our repair parts are directly from the manufacturers ensuring a high level of quality of the products we use to replace faulty software/hardware, this ensures the integrity of any warranty you may have.

Additionally, if we cannot fix the problem (uncommon occurrence), Bristol home repairs will not charge you for the call out. If the problem needs more time to be fixed or there is a part that needs to be delivered we will take and then deliver your computer back to you within 3 working days at no extra cost (provided you are in the Bristol area).

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