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Common Laptop Problems

bristol laptop repair

A laptop is a great business tool for people who are always on the go, it’s really easy to get around and doesn’t take up much space when you need to use it. Advancements in laptop technology have grown at an incredible pace, we can now have the power of a powerful home PC in a small, portable device. While these laptops are impressive, we need to remember that they require plenty of maintenance and care in order for them to last as long as possible.  Like many Bristol laptop repair companies will tell you, there are some common hardware problems that the majority of laptops suffer from.

Below are the most common hardware problems for laptops.

Problems With Power Connection

Often times when we use laptops, we use them in public places and require plugging in the DC power jack were people are walking or need to get past, including yourself. While tripping over your power cable once or twice may be okay, when done repeatedly it can cause permanent damage to the cable, causing it to stop working properly. Without this crucial power cable your laptops battery will soon die out completely rendering it useless and unable to use.

Failure Of The Hard Disk

Bristol laptop repair companies say that the most common problem for laptops is when the hard disk starts to fail. Whether it be from accidentally dropping your laptop or blocking its cooling fans from functioning properly, damage to a laptops hard drive is far more common than for a Desktop computer.

Overheating Your Laptop

Your laptop will experience far more overheating issues than your standard desktop PC, because of its compact nature a laptop often has to work that much harder when running advanced programs or software. This can severely damage the motherboard causing a whole range of symptoms, everything from making an annoying beeping sound, to switching itself off. If you are having this issue with your laptop you need to get it check by a Bristol laptop repair company immediately.

LCD Issues

You turn on your laptop on as usual an hear it booting up but there is no display on your LCD screen. As your laptop is one combined unite, unlike a PC that separates its screen from its motherboard, a number of issues can occur that cause your screen to malfunction. Get in sent to a certified  Bristol laptop repair company so that they can solve the issue for you.

Battery Problems

Your laptops battery is one of the most important components of your laptop. It is the only thing that is powering your advanced device when you unplug it from its charger. Unfortunately laptop batteries often begin giving problems relatively soon. You may find that when you plug your charger in, it doesn’t want to charge at all or charges very slowly. Your battery life will also start to decrease gradually, only allowing you a short time for use once you unplug the adapter.  Bristol laptop repair services suggest that you either replace the battery or bring it in for inspection.

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