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Bristol PC Service | Increase Laptop Battery Life



While we are amazed at the battery life of most smartphones, laptops still have a long way to go in this department. Any Bristol PC service will tell you that many of their customers come to them with concerns about their laptop battery life. Some users even claim that they get less that 3 hours before their device shuts down. The portability of laptops has meant that they are far smaller than your desktop computer, the problem with this is that all the components required are squashed together. While your desktop computer can run all day while plugged into the wall socket, just think about how long it would last if it had a portable battery.

In order to help you make the most of your laptops battery life, we have given you a few ways to improve it.

Reduce Screen Brightness

The first thing that any Bristol PC service will advise you to do is to reduce your laptop screens brightness. This is arguably the biggest battery drainer of them all. You should have your laptop running at full brightness when it is plugged into a power source, but when it comes to using your battery life, reducing the brightness can save you hours.

Use An Auto Switch Off

One of the biggest mistakes a laptop user can make is to leave it running while you are away from it. Luckily, your laptop has an automatic display switch off option that will turn the display off while you are doing something else. This is great because you don’t have to worry about switching the entire device off and on again. You will be able to save loads of precious battery minutes by using this function.

Make Sure To Disable Bluetooth And Other Devices

There is a good chance that your laptop has a Bluetooth and even a infrared function. If these functions are activated, they use up plenty of your laptops battery power to operate. In order to save battery life, make sure that they are switched off when you aren’t using them. If you have a device that is connected via Bluetooth, try keeping its usage to a minimum or only when necessary.

Tweak Your Power Plan

A Bristol PC Service will often find this the easiest way to improve their customers laptop battery life. Windows offers a quick solution to change power settings on your device. Your default setting is usually on balanced mode, unless you have changed it to a performance setting while you are using a power outlet. A good idea is to change it to the power saver setting, this will make sure that your device is only using what it needs to.

Use Windows Power Troubleshooter

Both Windows 7 and 8 come with a power troubleshooter tool that allows you to scan your device for common battery issues or drains. This smart system can automatically fix any bugs or problems related with your battery.

What other ways can you increase your battery life?

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