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Bristol PC support companies hear this story all the time. When your once beloved super computer start performing more like a sloth, chances are the first thing you will do is consider buying a brand new device. Before you head down to your local shopping centre and spend a large amount on the latest and greatest, we have given you a few great ways to help bring your old friend back to its former glory.

Speed Up Your Startup

If you have managed to make your entire breakfast and a war cup of coffee by the time your computer finally boots itself up, it’s time to make some positive changes. The chances of your computer being slow is quite slim, it’s actually all your programs that are trying to startup at the same time.

By downloading a tool like Autoruns, you have the ability to disable some programs during the startup process. You can even try Microsoft’s version, MSConfig. To find it, press the run button and type in “msconfig”, now under the “startup” tab, uncheck the boxes of the programs you don’t want running at startup. Once you have completed this, restart your computer and watch how it races.

Clear It

If you are tired of painfully slow online surfing, then there are a few easy ways to improve your experience.

If you happened to be an Internet Explorer user, do yourself a favour and get rid of it. Opt for a more powerful web browser like Google Chrome. Google Chrome has actually been voted the fastest web browser around, so you know you won’t go wrong. Once you have Chrome installed, go to Clear Browsing Data and make a tick on the boxes for temporary files, cookies and browsing history.

Put Your Computer On A Diet

This goes way beyond just randomly deleting programs that you don’t really use on a regular basis. If you aren’t the biggest fan of core programs like Windows Media Player and Microsoft Office, then remove them and add programs that will use far less computer power. Free alternatives of your core programs can easily match up usually even have a few more features.

VLC Media Player is a great alternative to Windows Media player and Apache’s Open Office is a fantastic free alternative to Microsoft Office. Just remember, Microsoft created the operating system, but it doesn’t mean you need to use all their programs.

Automate Updates

While updates are very annoying when you are constantly getting pop-up messages, they are crucial for your computers speed. You don’t want to wait so long that you need to spend an entire day updating everything.

In order to solve this problem, go to My Computer – Properties – Automatic Updates. Make sure that it is on Download and Install automatically. You will never need to worry about another pop-up again and your computer will run constantly like a champ.

If after these changes, your computer still is too slow, visit your nearest Bristol PC support service right away.

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