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scam alert


I had an interesting conversation  with a company call

All Day Tec Support which then like this:

Your name came up as  computer owner of a computer which is believe to be infected

How old is the computer?

Have you notice a general slowing up of the computer?

The call was then pass to a member of the technical team

Which guide me to the event viewer by hold down the window and R keys at the same time, then typing in the run box: eventvwr

Right click error then open view all instances of the event.

Then type in the run box  this is to open up a remote support page so they can fix these errors for  free.

But what happen  in the background is your pc, is infected with viruses which steal your passwords, bank and credit details

All computer in the event viewer got thousands of critical, error and warning messages that all part of the wear and tear of a pc, it all technical stuff, nothing to worry about.

If you never receive one of these phone call the best way to deal with them is to say you  do not have a computer or you use a mac, and report the scam to the internet crime complaint center  (IC3)

This is what Microsoft say about these computer scam

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