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3 Reasons why Computers Slow Down

computer run slowSo you have been using your computer for some time now and you start to realize that it doesn’t perform as well as it once did, basically your computer run slow. Your first inclination might be that you need a brand new computer and that your current one just doesn’t have what it takes anymore. Before you go out shopping and spending hundreds of pounds to buy the latest and greatest PC around, you should call Pc Dial A Fix,  we specialize in renewing your current device into what it used to be. It will be just like the day you first purchased it. This process can save you plenty of money and prolong the usage of your computer.

Below are a few reasons why your computer may be slowing down and are warning signs that you should seek help from a PC repair company right away.

Free Space

The reason that you are given such a large amount of initial space when you buy your PC is so that it can do its functions as effectively as possible. The more free space you have on your computer, the faster these functions can be performed. If you don’t have enough free space, your computer can go into a state called “thrashing”, this occurs when both the memory as well as the disk are totally full. Windows then goes into shock at the overwhelming amounts of data and thus does the functions at painfully slow rates.


Disk fragmentation is said to be one of the main reasons why your PC becomes so slow. At the point where a disk becomes sufficiently fragmented, it can take almost ten times longer to read and write basic information from the disk. Simple tasks such as loading an application, or viewing a web page can take a painful, ten-fifteen minutes on a fragmented system. Microsoft managed to recognize the problem and were able to include automatic defragmentation as standard on all Vista and Windows 7 systems. XP systems have only a manual defragmentation, so if you are an XP user you need to remember to defrag. If you are worried about defragmenting your computer, take it to the professionals at Bristol PC repair.


There are millions of viruses that an cause potential damage to your computer. Some try to gain money from you by acting as though the only way you can get rid of it is by buying their help for a premium rate. Others will hide in the background and seem dormant, waiting for further instruction and cause severe and sometimes costly problems for your PC. Others cleverly deluge the users with annoying pop up ads based on user online behavior. Others can even hijack your search results to lead you to high risk, suspicious web sites. In addition to being a risk to your finances and online identity, all of these viruses slow down computer performance. If your computer run slow, it could we be because of a virus. Time is the key here, you cannot leave a virus for too long or permanent damage can be done. Your best bet is to contact Pc Dial A Fix immediately.

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