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Data Recovery Bristol Signs

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How will you know whether you need data recovery for you data? What signs can tell you that you have a dead drive? The reality of technology is that you will experience a failure or sudden crash at some point or another. There are usually clues that give you warning or tell you that disaster is approaching. Some signs are more obvious than others, so keep your eyes and ears open.

The following signs will tell you that you need a data recovery Bristol companies help.

1. You Receive The Message: “Operating System Not Found”

If you see the message, “Operating System Not Found”, there is a good chance that a virus has got into your system, operating system files have become corrupted or there is a hardware problem with your PC. It could also mean that your hard drive has suddenly crashed.

2. Clicking Or Grinding Noise Coming From The Hard Drive

If your hard drive starts making a clicking noise or starting to grind, it usually means that it is a sign of impending hard drive failure. Make sure that you backup your important data immediately. Even if you don’t actually hear clicking, backing up your data is a very wise thing to do. Backing up data today means you won’t be in trouble tomorrow.

3. Your PC Keeps Rebooting

There is a good chance that this could be a virus that has affected your computer, but it could also be a symptom of hard drive failure. Try performing a virus scan on your computer to see whether a virus comes up. Your hard drive could be dead if you run the scan and nothing comes up.

4. Infamous Blue Screen of Death

A common sign that you need a data recovery Bristol company is the blue screen of death. This symptom usually means that you computer is suffering a serious hardware failure. If this screen is accompanied by strange noises and clicking, there is a good chance that your hard drive is about to die or is already dead.

5. You Get The Message “Drive Not Formatted”

This is one of the most frustrating messages “The disk in drive C isn’t formatted. Do you want to format is now?” The computer only gives you this single choice. You are only able to select “YES” but this means you will lose all your important data. Either there is some physical damage or part of your drive has been corrupted badly. Take your drive to a data recovery Bristol company immediately.

7. You Receive the Message: “Primary Drive or Device Not Found”

This can be one of the most frustrating things possible. Your computer won’t even recognize that your hard drive is there. This could be from a loose hard drive interface cable or power cable. This could also be a virus. If you know for a fact that you don’t have any viruses and your hard drive is spinning, your data is probably gone.

What other symptoms can you think of? We would love to hear from you.

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