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Useful System Tools Hidden in Windows

pc repair bristolWhether you’re currently using the latest Windows 8 or any older version, Windows has done well to hide utility programs from their everyday users. Some are sunken very deep in the familiar Start menu, while some are only able to work by using the command function. These tools are easy to use once you know their names of course — simply open the Start menu or Start screen, look for the name of the particular program, and then press the Enter button. On the latest version, Windows 8, you will have to choose the correct Settings category that is on the search screen first. Remember if you are unsure about using programs correctly or require help with your pc contact pc dial a fix , a professional company in Bristol , there to help you make the right choices.

Windows Memory Diagnostic

Windows has included a helpful Memory Diagnostic tool that has the ability to restart your PC and then test your computers memory for problems, just like the famous MemTest86 app. If you are looking to search your computer’s memory for issues, you luckily wont require an outside tool — all you need to do is open your Windows Memory Diagnostic tool.

Resource Monitor

If you are looking to check the usage stats on your computer you can use the Resource Monitor Application. You can see everything from computer-wide CPU to disk to network, and memory graphics. You can even dig deeper to see per-process statistics for every single type of resource you have. This means that you can pinpoint which programs are heavy users on your system, see what is connecting with various internet address, and much more. The Resource Monitor surpasses the Task Manager in term of data. To start the Resource Monitor you need to open the Task Manager, you then click onto the Performance tab, finally you will select Resource Monitor. Access can also be achieved by looking for Resource Monitor on the Start menu or even on the Start screen.

Windows Disk Cleanup

Windows Disk Cleanup utility is a little easier to find than some of the other programs, but unfortunately barely any people truly know about it. It is one of the most helpful programs you will find on your PC. It scans your PC for unnecessary file that you can actually delete, everything  from silly temporary files to old system restore points and forgotten files that stay once you use Windows upgrades. It essentially will end up doing the exact job any PC cleaning utility would do, but the bonus here is that it is totally free and would never try its luck at getting your money. For more advanced users, they would probably prefer a program like CCleaner, but Disk Cleanup hold its own in terms of quality. You can access Windows Disk Cleanup at your Start screen by searching for it or at the Start menu. If you encountering any issues with your programs get hold of a PC repair Bristol team to save you time and hassle.

Performance Monitor

This application gives you the ability to gather important performance reports and see them for yourself. It also allows you to log performance data over a certain period of time, including being able to determine just how specific system changes will ultimately affect your PC’s performance, or the ability to watch over the performance of a remote computer in exact time.

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