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Google Buys Waze

wazeGoogle on Tuesday bought the popular Israeli mapping startup for an estimated $1.o3 Billion. The Search engine giants beat out fierce competition for the social network from many large firms.

Just like many mapping services out there, Waze gives voice-guided GPS navigation and turn-by-turn directions. It’s social offering is the real pulling factor. It’s, rapidly growing, active community share real-time traffic and road information. Its advance system allows for real time reported obstacles on your route (e.g. road closures, accidents, police traps), and can then redirect you to your destination.

Google said it had eventually closed the much anticipated deal and that it intends to use Waze’s real-time mapping service to enhance its, already well developed Google Maps.

Waze makes the use of satellite signals from their members’ smartphones to develop maps and traffic data, it then shares this new data with other users, offering real-time, up-to-date traffic info.

Although Google have become the official owners they reported that the Waze team will remain in Israel for the time being. Eventually, the teams will start to integrate to improve Googles’ existing offering , while the core Waze product itself will benefit from integrating Google-search capabilities.

By far Waze’s greatest appeal has to be its social and gamification features. Users can earn potential points whenever they contribute useful data and road information, and as they increase their points, their overall ranking on Wazes’ community rises. (User designations will start at “Waze Baby” and go all the way up to “Waze Royalty.”)

The real question is, why did Google hand out such a large amount of money for a mapping app?


There are four reasons why Google made the big leap to buy this brand.

Firstly, Waze has no real competition in the mapping sector, by buying it at this early stage it give Google the head start they were looking for in improving their own mapping offering. Secondly, the purchase also gave Google an active social presence for mobile, something they have been longing to achieve. With the boom of mobile users today, this was a clear decision. Thirdly, as Google is seen as the favored mapping system, over Apple and others, they want to guarantee that they stay on top of the game. Lastly, Google ultimately purchased Waze as a statement to its competitors that it means business and will continue to be the leader in online usability.

At one point it was reported that Facebook were interested in the Israeli program. Communication broke down soon however, after differences over whether Waze’s team were to remain in Israel or move to the USA, according to reports.

This is great news for UK road users, making travelling far easier, safer and less time consuming. Bristol pc and laptop users can also take advantage of Google’s purchase by interacting more with friends and family on the road. Make sure to find your local computer repair Bristol, to stay connected and to enjoy Google’s brand new offering in the future.

At the end of the day Google has managed to keep this powerful brand away from its competitors and with its large wealth should create exciting mapping services for the future. No more need to text friends that you will be 5 minutes late as your location is updated constantly, being able to see were accidents occur before taking the route. That is the power of Waze.

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