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How To Keep A Laptop Cool

how to keep a laptop cool


Laptop overheating has become a large problem for many users throughout the globe. With its compact nature and crammed parts, it can overheat more easily than your average desktop PC. There have even been reports of laptops catching on fire and exploding from becoming too hot. With advances in programming and software, it puts plenty of strain on your device. Often times, if you have an outdated laptop and you are trying to run a very complex program it will need to work at its highest level. Running more than one program at a time can also cause your laptop to run at its peak, pushing the hardware for long periods of time.

The fan itself also plays a huge role in how cool your system is running. Most laptops have only one main fan that needs to cool the entire machine. If that fan gets clogged or blocked, you are almost guaranteed to overheat your system.

As you can see an overheating laptop spells trouble, below are a few ways in which you can keep you laptop cooler.

Check Your BIOS

The BIOS settings are there to control the temperature of your laptops. It tells your laptop how hot is too hot and at what temperature the fans really need to start kicking in. Make sure that your BIOS settings are fully updated so that you can be sure that your cooling system is running at its optimal rate. Updating your BIOS is not as easy as updating most programs so look for help from professional if you are unsure. By having an updated BIOS, you can usually fix the issue without having to spend plenty of money on devices to help the cooling process.

Don’t Block The Air Vents

While this may seem like an obvious point, most overheating problems originate because the owner blocks the air vents without realizing they have done so. This means that you should never place your laptop on your lap, on a blanket, or anything else that prevents air from coming in or getting out.

Cooling Aids

If you ever asked yourself, “how to keep a laptop cool, what’s my best bet?” You probably need to get yourself a cooling aid. There is everything from surfaces to supercharged fans that help keep your laptop running cool all day.

There are plenty of great cooling aids out there that will help keep your laptop running as the prefect temperature. Most of these aids are specialized surfaces that promote a cooler environment that the usual surface. They also often have multi fans attached so that the optimum amount of cooling air enters your device. Look for aids that are made from aluminium as this material acts just like a heat sink. It actually draws heat away from your device and in doing so dramatically reduces the devices internal heat. Also look for mats or surfaces that insulate heat. This will ensure that your laptop is running cool all day long.

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