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Laptop Overheating | Reasons Why

laptop overheating

Owning a laptop has become the norm for many business workers and gamers around the globe. Its compact size makes it a dream for anyone who travels around or someone who has very limited space to have a desktop computer. With advances in technology, the laptop has become very powerful indeed, allowing you to have the specs of a good desktop PC within its small casing.

Just like any other technology, laptops have their faults. Laptop overheating has become one of the most common problems facing laptop owners today. With its compact size come compact parts that are placed in close proximity to one another.

Below are a few reasons why you may be experiencing laptop overheating.

Playing Advanced Games

Advances in gaming have meant that they demand quite a lot out of your system than they did previously. Most laptops have to run at full capacity in order to run these games properly. Unfortunately, laptops have extremely poor ventilation when compared with desktop computers. Unlike desktop computers that have many individual fans to maintain a cool running system, laptops don’t have the space and so run a higher risk of building up tremendous heat when pushed hard. The single fan inside the laptop has all the pressure to cool your entire system and if it gets clogged with dust, can cause serious problems.

You need to make sure that your laptops single fan is as clean as possible, to ensure that you don’t overheat your system and cause it to switch off abruptly.

Your Inhalation Vent Is Blocked

As your laptop has only one fan to cool the entire system, you need to assure that your inhalation vent is not clogged up with dust and fluff. The inhalation vent draws in cool air and spreads in throughout your laptop. As you can imagine with this vent clogged, there won’t be enough cooling air entering your laptop to keep it sufficiently cool. This can have a detrimental effect and cause your system to overheat.

Try to make sure the vent is clean at all times by checking it regularly. You can also place a piece of filtered cloth, to catch all the bit of dust and fluff before they enter your laptop.

Your exhalation Vent Is Blocked

Just like your inhalation vent draws in cooling air; your exhalation vent expels the hot air within your system to keep it at a work temperature. If this vent gets clogged or dirty, it can cause the heated air to get trapped within  your system. This will cause your laptops heat to gradually increase. Be sure to ensure that there is nothing blocking this vent such as your working surface or material.

You can also solve laptop overheating by updating your systems BIOS, this controls your laptops hardware. Most systems have an automatic BIOS update but try doing it manually. Just make sure that you are connected to your power output when attempting to update your BIOS.

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