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Laptop Screen Repair | Signs You Need Help



We all know that laptops are very fragile; dropping is just once can cause serious damage and may require expensive repairs. What most people don’t realize is that the laptop screen is the most fragile part of the entire device. Having trouble with your laptop screen can be very frustrating indeed, struggling to see what you are doing can get in the way of doing your job.

Many people believe that it is their entire laptop breaking when there is a problem with their screen, they often don’t realize that all they need is a laptop screen repair. A laptop screen repair can be done at your nearest Bristol computer repair company, and shouldn’t take more than 24 hours to complete.

In order to help you diagnose whether you have an issue with your laptop screen, we have given you the most common signs that tell you, you need laptop screen repair.

Dead Pixels

If you have noticed that there are random black or white dots all over your laptop screen, or there are dots that don’t change colour when the screen changes colour, then you most likely have dead pixels. These dead pixels are usually caused by manufacturing defects, and will usually stay on the screen until you get laptop screen repair.

Dim Screen

If you are struggling to see any images on your LCD screen, you probably have a dim screen. You can barely make out anything on your screen and changing the brightness features on your device does nothing to help the situation. This issue can be solved within 24 hours if you send it to your nearest professional laptop screen repair service.

Cracked Screen

You can tell that your laptops screen has been cracked if there is an ink blotch on the screen. While your outer screen may seem fine, the inner screen has been cracked and you are struggling to see anything. The inner glass layer of your laptop screen is the most important part for displaying images. When this gets damaged, there is little you can do but get it replaced. Unless it is a very small crack, the most likely outcome is that you will need to buy a new screen. Your closest Bristol laptop screen repair company should be able to find you a good replacement.

Lines On Screen

You will see horizontal or vertical lines appear on your laptop screen. This can also be a manufacturing issue, try testing it by plugging your laptop into an external screen. If the lines don’t appear on the external screen, you probably need to send your laptop to a laptop screen repair service.

Black Screen

When you switch your laptop on, you hear the sounds of a health laptop working, what you don’t see is anything on your screen. It is just a black, blank screen that doesn’t even show a faint image. Try turning your brightness controls up, just in-case it is on the lowest setting. If that doesn’t do the trick, plug your laptop into an external monitor and see. If the external monitor works fine, you will need laptop screen repair.

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