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Laptop Shut Down Randomly | Reasons

laptop shut down randomly


Your laptop is most likely very important to you, holding all your valuable information and details in one single device. Keeping it updated and running smoothly is of paramount importance, to prevent the risk of something wrong happening. With its compact nature, laptops often have functional errors that cause headaches for users around the world. One of these issues is when your laptop shuts down randomly. There can be many reasons for your laptop to just shut itself down without permission from the user. Some examples are below.

Battery Problems

Unlike your desktop computer, your laptop contains a battery that allows you to use it without the help of a power point for a certain period of time. This is great for people that are constantly on the go and aren’t necessarily close to a power source. This battery has quite a job to do, powering your advanced laptop and all its functions. Often times, you laptops battery is the first thing that gives you trouble. Like any other device, it starts to decay; giving you less battery life and sometimes it loses its ability to power your laptop all together. If your laptop switches off randomly, check the battery first. You may need to replace the entire part. Once you do it should run just like new again.

Overheating CPU

Your laptop is prone to overheating far more than a regular desktop computer. Having only one fan to cool the entire device puts plenty of strain on it. Your laptop can switch off randomly when your air vents get clogged full of dust and dirt, so make sure that you keep them clean at all time. Also make sure that your BIOS are fully updated to ensure that your fan is operating at its optimal standard. Never ever block the vents that suck in cool air and expel heated air from the CPU, this can easily cause your laptop to shut down randomly.


Your laptop is always at risk of being infected when you surf the net without a proper antivirus, so make sure that you have installed a good quality one. Viruses can cause multiple problems for your laptop, one of them is causing your laptop to malfunction and shut itself down. Send your laptop to your nearest computer repairs company as soon as you can if you think that your laptop has a virus. The sooner you are able to fix the problem the less risk of any permanent damage being done to your device.

Using To Much Memory

Another reason why your laptop may be shutting down randomly is because you are using too much of its virtual memory at one time. This can occur when you are running too many programs and applications at the same time. If you are listening to music, downloading data and playing games, the chances are you are using your memory to it maximum capabilities. When you ask yourself, why does my laptop shut down randomly ? Check your memory.

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