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Non Booting PC

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Systems that seemingly shut down for no apparent reason or do not even start up at all may have software or hardware problems.

Typical crashing symptoms

  • Programs stop responding
  • Mouse not working
  • Screen Artefacts (a break up of the image on the screen)
  • Fatal exception error
  • Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

Typical not booting symptoms

  • A completely blank screen
  • No fans/lights on your computer
  • BIOS Error (press F1/F2 to continue)
  • Windows cannot start (white writing)
  • Startup Recovery

Usually the cause of the crash is quite simple and can be fixed by updating some of the drivers — software that helps the hardware talk to the computer. This normally takes a couple of hours. Other times, however, it may be a sign that a hardware component itself is failing. It is best to address this issue immediately to avoid any loss of data. The earlier the problem is diagnosed the more likely your system can be fully repaired.

The common steps we will take to repair your computer system if it’s crashing or not booting are:

  • Perform hardware tests on some of the integral components such as RAM (memory), CPU (processor) and PSU (power supply)
  • Analyse crash files to diagnose the errors (These get created automatically when your computer crashes)
  • Restore the file system structure (The files that tell your computer how to operate)
  • Recover the system to an earlier restore point if there is one
  • Uninstall recent Windows Hotfix Patches which may have caused the issue
  • Restore files
  • Disable some autorun services which may be causing the problem