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OS Reinstall

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PC Dial A Fix offer a convenient and reliable service to fix your operating system problems and prevent them from re-occurring.

Computer and laptop operating system problems are commonplace. The operating system can become corrupt or suffer problems caused by viruses, malware, spyware, a cluttered registry and installation and un-installation of software amongst others. Temporary files, internet browser temp files and cookies can all cluttering up your computer system and create a slow and sluggish working environment.

Software problems can also slow your operating system down; you may think you have hard drive, graphics or memory problems but it might just be a badly configured piece of software hogging system resources. If you have an operating system issue or problem contact PC Dial A Fix and we will come to your home, office or place of work to fix the problem. We offer full operating system repairs, re-installation and secure data backup services. We can also clean your registry and rebuild your computer operating system so it once again runs fast.

In many cases our PC and Laptop health check and software diagnosis services have saved people spending hundreds of pounds buying a new computer unnecessarily.

Perhaps you would like your laptop or computer operating system speeding up? We back up your important files, photos, music and documents, get rid of everything else that is slowing your operating system down and give you back a clean and fast machine.

Remember our NO FIX NO FEE guarantee also applies to business customers too.

Operating system services we offer;
  • PC, laptop, operating system check up
  • Operating system problems diagnosis & repair
  • Operating system debug and registry repair
  • Operating system reinstallation from scratch
  • Registry back up and repair
  • Registry clean and debug
  • Registry diagnosis and virus removal
  • Drivers updated, uninstalled & repaired
  • Temp files found and deleted
  • Adware removed and blocked
  • Firewalls installed and configured
  • Operating system upgrade: Windows 7 or OSX
  • Windows Vista and XP upgrade and repair
  • Mac OSX; Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard fixed
  • Programme upgrades and driver upgrades
  • Remote software support and install
  • Routine software maintenance & upgrades
  • Cookies, malware and spyware removal