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5 Techniques To Keep Your PC Safe

virusesYou wake up one morning and turn your PC on to find that their is a serious problem with it. Data lose is a serious issue for many people and can be devastating to those who keep their most important information on their computer. All your most vital folders and important details are suddenly going completely haywire, affecting your personal and professional life. Till recently running an anti virus seemed to be the only solution to successfully guard your computer. However, the advances of the tech world have brought a rapid change in this thinking process and these days there are plenty of interesting ways of guarding your computer and the data alike.

Below are five interesting ways in which you can secure your computer. Give them a try at home or at the office and see the difference it makes in keeping your valuable computer safe from data loss.

Operating System Updates

If you are a avid Microsoft Windows user, the task of keeping your copy of windows safe by installing the latest Window updates is essential. Over 90 percent of people are busy using Windows and only prefer actually updating their precious software from time to time.

Windows updates are your first defense against the many bugs that might infect your computer from time to time. Make sure that your automatic updates are switched on to prevent you from missing an update. Additionally, you can updated manually to ensure that no threats have found their way in. Even though its not the most fun activity to do you should make it a habit to periodically check the windows updates at least weekly and update if necessary.


Firewall has the ability to allow data moderation being allowed in and out of the computer. Hardware firewalls like your router, prevents vital data from leaving or entering your system. You could also install software firewalls, as this can monitor each program from sending and receiving data.

Web Browser

Although it may be surprising to you, you should rather use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome rather than the traditional Internet Explorer. Even though IE10 shows significant improvement over its previous versions, Firefox and Chrome have many more additional security features compared to Internet Explorers offering. A great and impressive fact about Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is that they are secure from phishing sites that will cause considerable loss.


Viruses are without question the most common threat to you and your computer. Thankfully, a large range of anti viruses are available today that will help keep your system secure and protected. Some of the popular ones are Avast, Avira, AVG and Norton. Try installing a free versions if you are unsure or buy ones that have been rated well.


A more common threat than you will realize, Spyware can create irreparable damage to your system which includes data theft. You can use Windows Defender, Malwarebytes Anti Malware and Spybot Search to secure your system.

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