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PC Security – Ways To Improve

PC security


Many Bristol PC users live on their computers, whether it is for work or entertainment or both. We spend so many hours of our waking life in front of our screens. All our personal details and information end up on our devices, banking information, personal data and passwords, all of which can be used by the wrong people. There are many threats out there that can damage your computer or steal your data, which is why you should make sure that your PC is secure at all times.

We have given you a few ways below to improve your PC security.

Make Regular Backups

When a virus enters you computer its will usually make copies of itself throughout your system. This is usually the reason why it is so difficult to remove a virus completely. While making backups can’t remove the virus from your computer, it does give you an up-to-date copy so that you can start from fresh. If you are unsure whether you computer has been infected due to lack of PC security, take your computer to a reputable Bristol repair shop immediately.

Make Sure Your Internet Software Is Fully Updated

Almost all of the threats that can attack your computer come from the internet, which is why you should make sure that your internet software is upgraded to the latest point. You can think of this as software maintenance, always making sure that you are up-to-date.

With complicated software come bugs, some can be minor nuisances while others can seriously affect your computer. Luckily software manufacturers locate the problem before hackers have the chance to exploit the problem. They create patches that you can download and install to fix the errors. If you don’t keep up with these patches, you run the risk of poor PC security.

Keep your eyes open for patches at least once a month, that way your PC will remain healthy.

Check CPU Usage

Some viruses use very little CPU usage, which could mean that they run in the background without you even noticing. Viruses that send junk email from your account fall under this kind of problem. To find out if you have these viruses running, press Ctrl, Alt and delete at the same time and check your task manager for running applications.

Keep your eyes peeled for any suspicious programs that are running. Press the End Task or End Program button immediately. Now locate the file that the program is running from and place it in your recycling bin, this way it won’t auto-start when you turn on your device.

If you want to permanently delete the virus and are unsure of how to do it, send it to a Bristol repair company immediately.

Make Sure You Use A Good Anti-Virus Software

If you are really serious about PC security, make sure that you get quality anti-virus software. There are plenty of anti-virus software’s on the market claiming they will keep your PC secure, rather go for the tried and tested solution. Ask friends and family what works well for them, that way you won’t run into any surprises.

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