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Crashing Hard Drive | Signs You Need Help

crashing hard drive


Your hard drive is one of the most important parts of your computer. Holding all the valuable data you have on your PC, if any problems occur, you need to make sure that you deal with it as soon as possible or run the risk of losing data forever. Many PC users store personal data, work data and memories on their computers. The sad part is that very few people back up their data onto an external drive.

A crashing hard drive has many signs, we have put together some tips that you can tell whether you need help in fixing the problem before it becomes serious and you end up losing important files and information.

Weird Noises

This is one of the most common signs that your hard drive is about to fail. A healthy hard drive is very quiet, so when it starts making clicking or scratching noises you should be alarmed. If you hear these noises, switch off your computer immediately and think if you have done any form of backup. If you haven’t ever backed up your computer, trying to do so on a failing drive can do even more damage to your hard drive. Rather take it to a data recovery professional before you lose your data forever.

Blue Screen Errors

A sure sign of a crashing hard drive is the dreaded “blue screen of death”, also known as a stop error. This is a sign of impending hard drive failure and so if it appears, you should not delay in getting it to a professional. Although it can sometimes be fixed by running the “Repair Install”, if this doesn’t to do the trick, it may be time to get a new hard drive.

Frequent Hang-Ups

Just like any other piece of hardware, when a hard drive comes towards the end of it’s life, it become very difficult to work with. You will start to experience more and more freezing and hang-ups as signs of a crashing hard drive. This is usually caused by bad sectors inside your hard drive, they can multiply at incredible rates, so try to get it to a professional before it gets out of hand.

Initializing Issues

you may see a message on your screen saying “Device Not Found”, or “Hard Drive Not Formatted”. These are sure signs that you have a crashing hard drive. Whatever you do just don’t try and reformat your drive, this will result in data loss. Rebooting your device has been said to work on occasion. Getting in touch with a data recovery specialist is your best bet in fixing these errors fast.

When you run into a hard drive problem, it isn’t always the best to try and fix the problem yourself. Rather get a professional data recovery expert to help you so that you don’t lose precious information that you might not be able to get back.

Backing up your files on a regular basis can prevent you running into serious problem later. Get yourself an external drive so that you have your data in a safe place.

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