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Bristol Virus Removal | Sign You Need Help

bristol virus removal


The reality of using the internet is that you are putting yourself at risk of catching potentially damaging viruses, if your anti-virus software isn’t up the scratch. These viruses are becoming more advanced each and every day, increasing the chances of your computer being infected. The real problem comes when people don’t actually realize that they have been infected and continue using their device as normal. The virus then spreads through your computer, causing serious problems. If you live in the Bristol area and have a suspicion that your PC has been infected, visit a Bristol virus removal company immediately before the problem worsens.

Below are some symptoms that will tell you whether you need Bristol virus removal services. Remember, prevention is far easier than trying to find a cure so keep your computer as safe as you possibly can.

Degrade In Performance

We all know that when we first buy our new computer it works like a dream. It’s smooth and silky, with no problems at all. Over time you might realize that its performance has become quite poor. This could mean that you have a virus, as a virus can attack your computers CPU resources and bundle up your applications so that your PC runs far slower.

Slow Startup

If you begin noticing that your computer takes an age to start itself up, you may have a malware problem. If you would like to check this then press the start button then run button, once you have done that go to MSconfig and there you will be able to see what operations are taking place as your computer starts up. If you see anything out of the ordinary, it could be a malware problem. Many Bristol virus removal companies come across this problem.

Unknown Toolbar Icons

This issue could either be a virus or a spyware problem. These toolbars are placed on your computer so that the creators can see what your browsing patterns look like. This is a black hat method of gaining users information and can cause you to accidently share private information with the wrong people.

You Can’t Access Task Manager

This is a virus that is very common. It disables your use of task manager while it runs programs in the background that serve to exploit your computer. The virus will also not allow you to end the process withour shutting down the computer manually. If this relates to your situation, get your laptop to a Bristol Virus removal company immediately.

CPU Usage Always 100%

This is another common virus that causes your computer to not run at its optimum rate even when you haven’t opened any programs. This can cause a huge headache for the user and prevent them from doing what they need done. Go to task manager and look for the program that is using up the majority of your CPU, if it has a funny name it is most likely a virus.

What other symptoms can you think of? We would love to hear from you.

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