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The Ultimate Guide to the Most Common Computer Problems [Windows]


The ultimate guide to the most common computer problems (for Windows) is a collation of the best resources from around the web, covering a range of topics – helping you to solve your PC or laptop problems!

Nothing is more annoying that having a computer problems – it slows you down, makes you frustrated and uses up valuable time. Our guide takes you through what you can do when you encounter a problem.

Don’t you just hate it when your computer doesn’t run as expected? Solve All Your PC & Laptop problems – we show you how below!

The Best Guide Ever On The Most Common Computer Problems

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Help With Basic Troubleshooting

When it comes to basic troubleshooting there might be a few procedures you can undertake for most small problems with your PC or laptop. From making sure your computer is updated to restarting and checking cables – these might seem small but they might save you a whole lot of trouble!

Chapter 2

Why Won’t it Just Turn On?

You’ve settled down to do some productive work on your computer – you turn it on and it doesn’t boot up – drat! Firstly – don’t panic – check all cables, try again and then have a look at our top guides below.

Chapter 3

My Computer is Running Slowly – Why??

This is one of the most common PC and laptop issues – you think that your computer will keep at the same top speed for its lifetime – but you’d be wrong. All computers start to slow down if you don’t keep them maintained – our guides below can help you to keep your computer at it’s optimum speed.

Chapter 4

Now it’s Frozen – and I Haven’t Pressed ‘Save’ in 2 Hours – Help!

This will most likely happen in everyone’s life at some point – your on a roll with your work, your feeling pleased and then wait – your computer has frozen and you realise you haven’t hit Save in a while! A good backup software will help you with the latter -the freezing can be due to a number of issues – see our resources below.

Chapter 5

My PC Has Just Turned Itself off – Why Would it do That?

This may be a regular occurrence if your PC or laptop is a few years old and could be due to a number of issues – however overheating is normally the main reason for this problem.

Chapter 6

I Can’t Get on the Internet – Where am I Going to Look at Cat Videos Now?

When you start off in the internet world you made need some help on how to connect to your WIFI – our guides will help. Or you may unexpectedly not be able to connect due to a number of reasons – take a look at our resources below.

Chapter 7

My New Smartphone Won’t Sync With My PC – Why is it Making Life so Difficult?

When you get a new smartphone you may be looking forward to in seamlessly backing up to your computer – but most of the time it’s just not that simple!

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