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Why outsource data backup Bristol?

courtesy of watcharakun

courtesy of watcharakun

If you live in modern society, you definitely use a data backup Bristol system… or do you? These days, trusting in your computer’s hard drive, or even in that USB stick you bought three years ago from a friend of a friend’s mum, just doesn’t make sense. If you value the data you have, it has to be backed up, and optimally both physically and to the Cloud, but how do you do it? One word: outsourcing.

Storage of data is very important, which is why so many IT service providers are now offering the service as a standard. Both online and offline storage need to be considered in order to ensure that your data, and your business, are safe. Outsourced storage gives you a certain amount of freedom when it comes to managing your business, because there is no longer a need to do this type of administration. But who do you pick to store your sensitive information for you, and what do they charge?

Typically a data backup Bristol company, or what is called a storage service provider (SSP), offers businesses and individuals the chance to store their data both offsite and online. They will archive information, remotely-manage the storage of that data and may even be able to help you consolidate the data you need stored. Charging for this service is as simple as paying a set monthly fee, and this is something you can negotiate, depending on your needs. Be wary in terms of overcharging. Some SLPs will try to talk you into huge packages you cannot afford. Simplicity is key to data storage because you need to be able to manage your own data, and a large and convoluted storage strategy may double your work, rather than make things easier for you.

A good SSP Bristol is not that hard to find, if you do a little internet search and many providers will give you a variety of contract and pay-as-you-use options for data storage. It is vital that you make use of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which will allow you to set milestones and to determine what the SSP needs to do for you, and when. The SLA should cover a number of areas, including performance, availability, security, methods of corrective action when things go wrong, and even whether or not there should be compensation for those times when loss is incurred.

This SLA is a legal binding document that you can use to ensure you are getting the best possible service from your data backup Bristol provider. This is your proof of great service in exchange for the money you are paying. Data backup Bristol is better done by a professional so that you can focus on growing your business, rather than on silly administrative tasks. So why not hand your data storage needs over to the best in the business in Bristol and get the peace of mind of knowing that PC-Dial-A-Fix does it better?

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